Workplace Minute – Email Etiquette

Xavi Esteve shares his thoughts on the 5 most important rules and protocols that exist in online communications. Here are his list of 5 rules to email etiquette.

The 5 rules to email etiquette:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Reply to all (when relevant)
  3. Descriptive subject
  4. Searchable emails
  5. Keep it organized

Read his breakdown, print his useful tool (link below) and use as a reference when you are preparing your next email.




3 day weekend = EMAIL MAYHEM!

I’m pretty sure quite a few of us got back to work this AM with a serious amount of emails, unless you are like myself, who checks email constantly out of habit (and a BAD habit that is).

Email is extremely time-consuming. Wall Street Journal reported that employees spend three (3) to four (4) hours a day on e-mail, primarily because it has become the dominant form of business communication.

So of all those emails received, how many actually had useful information?


Below is an informative infographic published by with a few simple reminders on the proper use of email.


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